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After-School Art Club

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 After-School Art Club is not running for term 3 

How art can benefit your child:-

As well as adding more creative enrichment to your child's learning and development journey, art provides a whole host of benefits, including fine motor skill development, cognitive development, sensory experience and enrichment, ability to follow instructions, developing social skills, working as part of a group, sharing, problem solving, experimenting, self expression, confidence building and time to talk, sharing thoughts, feelings & experiences.
For younger children this also supports them in their speech and language development, working on pronunciation, as well as taking on new words for their vocabulary.
Art is great for aiding development of the right side of the brain and can really cultivate a great set of skills that will support your child with attention, memory, problem solving and more.


As well as the above benefits, these sessions provide exciting opportunities to explore an array of art and craft techniques, inspiring and giving new ideas, which they may continue to explore and build interest in.

Terms & Conditions
The term must be paid in full to confirm your child's place. Sessions are given on a first come, first serve basis, and so spaces cannot be held without payment. Missed sessions due to illness or absence will still be payable and no so refund offered for sessions missed. However if a session is cancelled by the organiser (Laura Renwick), an option will be given for a refund for the missed session, or a discount to be carried over and deducted from the next term (should your child wish to return). All materials will be provided for these sessions, with rare the exception of a specific home item/photograph being needed for a project. Aprons will be provided, although you are welcome to provide your own. These sessions will more often than not be quite messy, and while every precaution will be taken to protect clothing, we will not be liable for any damages, marks or stains on clothing. It is advised that any watches, smart watches, etc. be removed during the art sessions to prevent any damage. While the sessions are held within the school grounds, art club is run by Laura Renwick of LAPPsART, a separate entity and business, and so any monies paid will be received direct to LAPPsART. You are welcome to report to the school office in regards to any information regarding pick up, absence, etc. , which can be passed on, however you are welcome to contact Laura at or on 07741285066 if required.

I reserve the right to terminate enrollment at art club if deemed necessary - this will first be discussed before doing so. In regards to a health emergency or injury, first aid trained staff within the school building will be on hand to take appropriate action. There will always be a number of staff on hand within the school building during art club sessions. Art club sessions are run exclusively by Laura Renwick, however I reserve the right to bring on classroom support or reasonable replacement (in my absence) during sessions, if required. Pick up for art club will be no later than 4.05pm. Any late pick ups may be liable for a late pick up fee. No sensitive payment information will be stored by LAPPsART, and only processed by our third party payment portal - Stripe. Any personal information will be held in compliance with current GDPR policies.

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